Twins Tsuyoshi Nishioka and model wife to divorce

There’s a proverb in Japanese that goes something like “The best of us are the sexiest” ”Great men are often too fond of women” (英雄色を好む。eiyuiro wo konomu). Sometimes being rich and good looking can cause problems, especially baseball heroes in Japan. New Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish recently announced his divorce on January 19, and now  Minnesota Twins middle infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka will divorce former Can Cam model Naoko Tokuzawa (go here to check out the “lovely” but doomed couple here).

The reason for the breakup, according to the Doshin Sports Daily, was Nishioka’s fooling around. The news of his affair was made public in March of last year, at the same moment he was at spring training. Tokuzawa was five months pregnant at the time, and gave birth to a baby girl in September. (You can also check out this site as well)

I still need to confirm the above, but it can help explain a lot about Nishioka’s poor performance. The broken leg incident (see here) was just bad karma.

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